Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Academic Recognition

The purpose of providing academic recognition is to:

  • recognize outstanding academic achievement;
  • encourage other students to apply themselves as best they can; and
  • instill within students the fact that studying/learning is paramount.

The staff believes that it is extremely important to recognize students for their achievements.

In addition to the honors listed below, teachers recognize students/classes for meeting various goals in their classrooms.

Honor Roll (4-8)

Students will be evaluated quarterly in the following core subjects:  Religion/Memory, Reading/Literature, English, Math, Science, Spelling and Social Studies.

Honor Roll is based on a 12-point scale.

  • Highest Honors: 12.0
  • Honor Roll: 9.0-11.9
  • Honorable Mention: 8.0-8.9

Students may not be eligible if they have an incomplete, D's or F's in any core subject.  Core Subjects exclude electives.

Accelerated Reader (K-8)

Students receive recognition for meeting AR goals, meeting the levels on the AR Point Club, or achieving individual goals.  School-wide activities are planned at the end of each quarter for students who meet their grade level goals.

Accelerated Math (K-8)

Students are encouraged to master Accelerated Math objectives at their grade level.  The student who has mastered the most objectives (at each grade level) per semester will be rewarded.  Other AM awards will also be given.

Study Island (3-8)

Study Island is an engaging web-based program providing instruction based on KS Standards. Students earn blue ribbons when they master specific levels in English Language Arts and Math. Recognition for achievement is celebrated at the end of each quarter.

Kansas State Assessment Testing (3-8)

Rewards and recognition may be given to students who are present each day of testing and/or excel on the state mandated tests.

3.5 (GPA) Academic Award (4-8)

Students who maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or above are recognized at the end of each quarter.

Presidential Award (4-8)

Students receive this award if they have met the criteria established by the National Presidential Award Committee.

American Legion Award (8)

This is an award that is given in the community.  Criteria has been set forth by the American Legion Committee.  A boy and girl are chosen by their peers/teachers.  Alternates are also chosen. 

Most Compassionate Student (8)

Each year one student in the 8th grade class receives this honor.  The student is chosen by the TLS faculty.  A representative from Becker-Dyer-Stanton Funeral Home presents the award.