Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Financial Aid

Financial Assistance 

Tuition assistance is available to families.  Trinity Lutheran utilizes the online services of FACTS for application processing.  All financial data submitted is kept confidential.  Follow the FACTS sign up link on this page.  The application process is self-guided and has a 24/7 helpline.  FACTS evaluates the financial data and sends a recommendation to Trinity regarding basis of need for assistance.  The principal will contact the applicant to discuss the assistance to the tuition.

Application process opens on March 1st and MUST be submitted by July 24 for consideration.  Application process will be CLOSED on August 25 for the current school year.

No financial assistance is available for preschool enrollment.

Each family receiving financial assistance will be required to volunteer one (1) hour of service to the school for each $100 of assistance awarded.

Financial aid is a gift from the church congregation to the family. No adjustments will be made to payments if one or more students leave and other students continue to attend. Applications are available in the school office.  This information is kept confidential.