Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Spiritual life

Chapel Services~Pastor Ben Ockree (school chaplain)

Weekly Chapel services are held on Wednesday mornings beginning at 8:30.  All students will be  included in this service.  Students will be assigned Chapel Buddies at the beginning of the school year.  Parents and friends are welcome to attend the Chapel services.  One hundred percent of our quarterly offerings are designated for quarterly mission projects.

Church Attendance

We invite you to worship with us on Sundays.  Our services are at 8 am, 10:30 am and 6:30 pm.  Bible class (for children and adults) begins at 9:15.

Since religious instruction and programs of the school are an integral part of the congregational life, it is extremely necessary that all pupils attend divine services regularly and faithfully.  Parents are strongly urged to attend divine services with their children.  Condoned absences from the worship services are an admission that God's whole law, as it is taught in our school, need not be kept.

The Home - School Relationship

Our school is a vital part of the ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church. The home is the chief agency for the Christian training of the child. A Christian Day School does NOT relieve parents of their God-given obligations. If the home and school are both CHRIST-CENTERED, your child is receiving the best education he/she can receive anywhere. The home, church, and school should work as a partnership in the best interest of the child. This togetherness is important!

  • We ask you to commit yourselves to the following activities that our loving God requires of us.
  • We will have our child(ren) in regular attendance in the worship service and Sunday School each Sunday (unless ill).
  • We will recognize the importance of religion in our home by seeking to conduct daily family worship (devotions, prayer).
  • We will teach, by example, the God-given Christian values inherent in being a Christian parent.
  • We will support Trinity Lutheran Church with our prayers, presence, and offerings.
  • We will make it possible for our child(ren) to participate in the periodic singing at special services.
  • We will do all in our power to encourage our child(ren) toward Christian decisions and habits.
  • We will support the teachers and staff at Trinity.
  • We will honor and support the purpose for which the Christian Day School has been established.
  • We will seek to exalt the Risen Christ in all areas of our lives.