Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Ongoing Programs

TLS Scrip Program

This program not only helps TLS, it also helps individual families.  The school purchases gift certificates and resells them.  There are MANY businesses on the list (some local, some out-of-town).  When you purchase gift certificates, a portion of the amount can go into a family account to apply to a school cost (i.e. registration, hot lunch, fees).  If you have family members participating in the program, they can designate your family to recieve the benefits.  We enourage you to partcipate in the program!

Introducing PrestoPay!  It is now even easier to partcipate in this exciting program.  You can place  and pay for your orders online and the rebate will automatically be credited to Trinity.  For more information visit

Box Tops for Education 

Each year our school partcipates in the Box Tops program.  We receive $0.10 for every Box Top that is brought in.  Box Tops can be found on many food items.  This is a great fundraiser for Trinity!  For a complete list of products and further information visit

In the past it has been possible to participate by visiting the Box Top Marketplace.  Unfortunately, this service closed on July 31, 2014.  For more information visit

Best Choice Labels

Best Choice and Best Choice Value Club store brand labels can be redeemed for extra cash for our school.  Save the UPC symbols from labels and cartons.  Excluded items include: aerosol cans, cigarettes, and aluminum cans.

Campbell's Labels for Education   

Please save your Campbell's UPC codes and bring them to the school office.  We receive school supplies from Campbell's when we partcipate in this program.  The more UPC's we send in, the more items we receive.   For more information or to review participating products visit


Individual/Group Fundraisers: An individual or group who would like to raise money for any activity at TLS needs to sumit a written proposal to the Day School Committee for approval.  Fundraising opportunities may be limited and will be decided on a case-by-case basis.